Headphones for UQ2

I have a lovely UQ2 that will be moving to my new work desk in my partners studio soon. I’m going to keep the Arcam Mu-So speakers I’m currently using with it, but would like some recommendations on easy-to drive headphones for it. Must be closed-back as it’ll be in a shared space. (My 600 ohm Beyer DTs don’t gel well with it!)

I can sympathise. My 300 Ohm Sennheisers also do not get on well with it. The headphone amp in the UQ2 is not great and sounds very forced with anything other than some very easy to drive cans.

I would suggest more entry level headphones in the sub 100 Ohm range, although Ohms is not the only measure of how easy a headphone is to drive. Usually more modest but still decent headphones around the $100-$200 mark are similarly 35-100 Ohms.

I’m using the Meze Classics 99 with my UQ2 on late nights for both movies and occasional gaming. Fantastic pairing.


Yes, back when I still used headphones on my UQ2, the Meze Classic 99 were top of my wish list. 32 Ohms. Ideal.


Grado have a wide range of very good headphones, all made in NYC. I have the ‘limited edition’ Hemp 'phones, which are fantastic when used with the headphone jack of my Nait50.

They are quite pricey, but that will be understood by any buyer of Naim products.

Grado don’t have a huge number of dealers in the UK, but your local branch of Audio T may be able to help.


I think the problem is though that the headphone amp in the Nait50 is excellent whereas the one in the UQ2 is not very good. Even headphones that can be driven easily probably need to be within a reasonable cost range suitable for the source.

I’ve heard great things about the Grados. Enough to think they deserve a great headphone output.

I’ve heard the UQ2 sound great on headphones when, not only were they easy to drive, but they also did not reveal the other shortcomings.

Grado are all very leaky open-back designs across their ranges.

I had a UQ2 before my Atom and the headphone output was mediocre (quality and power) so I’d be careful spending too much. Focal do several sensibly priced closed-back designs with reasonable impedance. Haven’t tried any myself.