Headphones -> SuperNait 3 or headphones + amp

I have a Supernait 3 and I’m about to buy new headphones. But I’m not sure if I should get a more expansive headphones (ex Audeze LCD-2, Hifiman Ananda) and use SN3’s headphone amp or buy a slightly cheaper headphones and get an external headphone amp. My budget is around $1000-1200.
Unfortunately it is not possible for me to lend headphones from a store and test them at home at the moment.
What is your experience of SN3’s headphone amp?

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I’ve the SN2 and the headphone stage is pretty good. But in the end, I use a separate headphone amp, as my HD800’s are hard to drive and very sensitive and my Heed Canalot and Obleslik power supply are a much stronger performance. If you use the SN3, it would be best to avoid high impedance headphones I think.

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