Headphones + Superuniti

Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday!

Here I sit listening in my chair with my playlist set and the first two tunes down when my wife asks for the third time ‘can you turn that down a bit’. To say this simple request takes the wind out of my sails would be an understatement.

So, I think it’s time I thought about adding some headphones to my set up.

I have been looking at the Sennheiser HD 660S. Anybody got a view on these and what’s the deal with the Superuniti, can I run them straight from the unit or do I need a headphone amplifier?

Many Thanks

HD 660s appears to be a replacement for the regarded HD 650 but they are open backed so sound will escape.
I never thought any Naim headphone outlet capable of driving the HD 650 properly. My Uniti star’s 3.5 out let cannot get the best out of them.
I would think you would have to budget for something in the region of another 300pnds on an amplifier to get those headphones singing.
Perhaps look in the direction of Meze headphones which have a reputation to be easier to drive.
It’s a whole new world you are entering. Have fun
I currently use CD5x,Flatcap xs,Trilogy 931,Focal clear. After many trials this I enjoy.

Hey Nick. Thanks for your reply. Oh god…a new rabbit hole to explore. Now that’s a worry!

Oh super I will check those out. Good shout on the open back…that would negate the point somewhat.

What Meze headphones do you recommend?

The stereophile web site is helpful.
Search Meze 99 classic.

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Oh these look great Nick. I’ll check them out :blush:

Hi, I with similar motivation, bought a pair of Shure SRH1540 for occasional listening. Importantly they are closed back to limit sound escaping. I use them direct from the headphone socket on my Superuniti. Sound fine but listening via my Totem Sky speakers is a far superior experience. Enjoy your search.

Hey there. Thanks for the info. They look like lovely headphones and good to know the SU drove them just fine.

Yes I am not expecting to replace the system sound, just something enjoyable for evening listening when my wife wants to read a book. Sadly I don’t have the luxury of a separate listening room

+1 on the Meze 99. Fantastic.

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Thanks Dan. Do you use an amp or direct from your system?

The review I read suggested they were very easy to power so I do wonder whether an amp is necessary? Also how long is the cable?

Plug them in the 272 or in various fruits. 1.5m ish.

Ah ok. So direct into the SU would be fine I imagine

1.5M is quite short. I also read you need their own cables so it might be hard to source longer leads which might be challenging as my SU and couch are far apart

Maybe it’s just me, but never felt a lift in SQ when connecting any headphones to my 272 or my former SU, compared to say an iMac.

haha fair enough, I’ll take that as a ‘don’t bother with a headphone amp then’ :slight_smile:

This forum is a bad influence - Meze Classic 99’s arrived this morning!
Sounding quite good straight out of the box.

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haha it is a bad influence isn’t it!

Hi, the 660s is easier to drive than the 650 … it has a lower impedance of 150 ohms which makes them a lot easier to drive than the 300 ohms of the 650… so you you should be absolutely fine driving them from your Superuniti.
I have no problem driving my 650s from my iPad, so I don’t find them hard to drive anyway, and on the end of my Dragonfly Cobalt they sing.
I am looking at upgrading to the 660s to open up the imaging.

That’s good to know thanks buddy. I think the open back of these might be a challenge though from others comments, i.e. I am trying to reduce noise for others

If reducing the noise to others, then absolutely avoid open backs. I personally don’t like closed backs for extended listening… not least my ears get hot!

+1 for the Meze 99 Classic. The impedance is 32 ohms so v easy to drive and come with a 1.2m cable for mobile listening and a 3m cable for domestic use

Highly recommend the Meze 99 Classics. I just got some Focal Elears which are very good but the Meze are really not far behind them at all given they are about 2/3 cheaper.