Hearing Aid users

Are there any Naim users that are willing to answer the following questions?
I’ve noticed that my hearing in my left ear has started to deteriorate over the last couple of years. I’ve had them checked by my GP practice, and am now waiting for a hearing test to confirm if I would benefit from a hearing aid. If so, has anyone wearing an aid noticed any difference when listening to their hifi. I’ve got a near top of the Naim range setup as my main device, and was wondering if I’m getting / going to get, the true sound value out of it? Or is it time to look at a bit of a downgrade?

There is quite a lot about this in various threads here in the forum.

Yes I’m quite happy to help with any answers I can give.

If you have one good ear and one with a hearing loss, you may find that you don’t want to bad ear brought right up to the level of the good ear because you may well hear distortion from your bad ear. But you may not find that. It all depends what your loss is like and what caused it.

But anyway you don’t need to think about downsizing yet. Try a hearing aid first and give it some time.

Make sure the audiologist doing the fitting knows you are listening to music so that a specific music programme can be fitted. This is all a lot easier if you are buying privately than if you are going to wait for the NHS. My own experience is that you may want numerous adjustments and often these can be done quickly by the audiologist almost on demand (if you have the right relationship with him/her). But if you have to wait for an NHS appointment for each adjustment, it could take months to get it right and you might give up in that time.

Anyway if you need a hearing aid, or even a pair, then you will notice a difference when you listen to your high end Naim. Only you can say whether it’s a good or bad difference. But likely it will be good.

I can imagine that you need to go to a statement with your own powerplant and separate cabling. You will perceive a huge difference even if completely deaf.

Joke on the side. I went to the doctor to ask if I can raise my hearing ability by using hearing aid and they told me, whats lost is lost, I never will hear 21.5K again. The hearing aid is there to salvage whats left of the hearing ability. So it won’t do anything to restore whats lost.

It really does depend what is causing his hearing loss and what your doctor told you may or may not be relevant to him.

In any case all of us are in the situation that our hearing is how it is and rarely are there surgical options or other medical options.

So it’s whether a hearing aid can help with enjoying more what you are listening to without. The answer to that for someone who has consulted a doctor about one sided hearing loss is “possibly or even probably”. It’s nothing to do with trying to get back 21.5 kHz, which in most people is gone by their early 20s.

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