Hearing Aids

Wondering if anyone has any experience with Eargo hearing aids? They’re In-the-ear design, but claim to be the size of a the end of a Q-tip, and so leave much of the ear canal open, so those of us with good low end hearing can still get those frequencies naturally, and only have to rely on the devices to process the high frequencies). At least that’s the theory. They omit the vast majority of the bells and whistles of the BTE hearing aids, but I’d be happy if they improve my ability to hear conversations better, and don’t screw up the sound of my hifi. Any feedback on Eargo’s to report?

You may need to Google them first before you consider buying.

Also I suggest you get a proper hearing test before you do anything. No-one can advise you without knowing more than you do at present about what you can and can’t hear.

There are many threads about hearing aids in the forum. It would be worth reading some of them.

Get a proper hearing test. You might need adjustments at different frequencies depending on the results. Not just amplification.
It’s just like the graphic equaliser we u o have in our Hifi systems.
I had ne in y Technics Stacking system :grinning:

Yes, get a proper hearing test is my advice, also.

The whole procedure took a while and I have ended up with a Phonak BTE device.

In late night listening it is now the wife who asks me to turn the volume down rather that vice versa,


Appreciate all the replies. I have had several hearing tests with qualified audiologists over the past months, and I’m now taking the plunge into the world of hearing aids. In fact, the Eargo’s arrived 50 minutes ago and are charging across the room… I’ll update with the reactions of my 71 year-old ears. Thanks again!

Active speakers, then? :rofl: :rofl: