Hearing test app

Mimi Hearing Test by Mimi Hearing Technologies
Available free from the Apple App Store.
Quite interesting worth a try:)

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Our own hearing - good or bad - is something very rarely mentioned in the vast majority of audio equipment reviews. Hearing can start to deteriorate from quite an early age, so an important - and perhaps difficult - question really should be asked: are we sometimes buying equipment whose audio quality / range surpasses that of our ears?

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I am conscious that my own music appreciation varies especially if I am harbouring a cold. For me, it seems to affect the treble and it can sound a bit piercing and fizzy.
After years in the military, with regular hearing tests, I am under no illusion that some frequency bands are not working so well, and I have the test results to prove it. Just another factor that proves that we are never all hearing the same music, even if we were all standing in the same room. While many people look at test results to try and objectively define a perfect system, in the real world we need a system response that is not perfect, but boosts frequencies where our hearing has a dip. All extremely subjective and why you need to audition for yourself.

Is there some reason one would use an app as opppsed to a professionally qualified person?

Mike of course if you have any concerns always seek out a professional but this is a well constructed app that gives you a quick and clear indication of you hearing condition. If it shows up any negative results maybe that’s fortunate and will steer you to get a check up. In the business where hearing ability is required I think tests should be a no brainer and regular.

I would expect to use a professional if I suspected something wrong that needed either investigation or compensation, ditto for people where a specific adequacy of hearing is a requirement, or where there is risk of occupational hearing damage, but for everyone else, me included, it is just a matter of curiosity, and a sthat app suggests, it could be the trigger to take it further.

I’ve just had a go myself, and found that I have slight hearing loss, andthat one ear is a little better than the other - both of which I was already aware. What was more interesting is that it gave an idea of the amount of hearing loss (as opposed to frequency cutoff, which I could check myself), placing me one quarter of tne way through the ‘slight’ category, and telling me I am just about bang on average for my age.

The trouble is, it is calebrated for only two pairs of over-ear headphones, not including mine, so I have no idea whethervit has te sound levels tpright, which completely nullifies the assessment other than the comparison between ears!

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