Hegel 190 impressions compared to SN3 and 282/250

No, exactly. Perhaps you should have done.

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I’ve really no idea what you are on about. I don’t need to say which I prefer and if you enjoy picking at my posts that’s fine. People like to do it from time to time and you are simply the latest. Hopefully you’ll get bored of it.

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Is it the Totem Model 1 or Signature One? I listened to the Model 1 in my system before and it’s a lot livelier and fun sounding than the Harbeth but I find it an unrefined sounding speaker, ultimately more inferior.

I do not have experience with the Totem Signature One. Also, I find the 250DR to be adequate for the Harbeth SHL5+. A difference in expectations I guess. Prior to the SHL5+, I owned the 202/200 and SHL5 non-Plus for 7 years.

As a note, I think the Supernait 3 is underpowered for the P3ESR. Did you try the 282/250DR with the P3ESR?

So you use a Qutest, SN3 and P3ESR to do just conferences calls?


I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying a well made product from in Asia that you like, and it ticked all boxes for you. The issue is that we’ve become so dependent on cheap products from some of those countries that now when they violate human rights or democracy, our governments are too scared to call them out, because it could jeopardise our trade deals and other “back door” deals they have in place. But that’s a topic for a different thread. :grin:


Well said DomTomLondon. One of the primary reason why I like Naim is the likelihood that the staff has a good job. Happy to pay something more.


Avoid this comments: gets political and then the thread is shut down

Being able to compare the Hegel H190 and H120 against the SN3 and XS3 in the same room with several sets of speakers was a bit consistent. Consistent in the sense of the sound character of each brand.

Despite the different speakers played with, I personally found the Hegels to have a smoother top end with tighter but sort of leaner bass. Mids were more defined and pinpoint accuracy with more air between instruments. The Naims were more dynamic, punchy, and alive.

Which was better? It really boils down to personal taste. What drove me to the Naim camp was that with the Hegel, I was impressed by the gear’s performance. The soundstage and imaging were great. But with the Naim, I was more focused in the music that I forgot I was actually auditioning what my next integrated amp I should get. That sealed the deal for me.


lol yep almost as much equipment as our local dealer!

I’m in meetings 10 hours a day - and not just passively - I’m driving issues forward. One is fresher, less fatigued at the end of the day if the brain has to do less work filling in the gap while processing audio…

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I’m very happy with Hegel H190 it suits my circumstances perfectly.

It is a bit nonsensical to say one mid priced brand is better than another, better to say that you prefer one brand because all our circumstances are different where even identical systems can sound totally different depending on things as varied as wall and floor construction, size of rooms and positioning of system within a room.

And so far as things being inferior because they are built in Asia again it’s nonsensical when even many of the components inside your prized European built hifi are built in China.


The newer ones - signature ones, I think they’re called now. It’s the next iteration of the Model One Signatures. Yeah, the Harbeths are better for some definition of better… but I prefer the Totems.

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I had H160, swapped it to Accuphase E650. Can’t be happier. H 160 overall sounded much too thin and plane for me, although bass was not too bad.

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If I understand well your first post: You found the Hegel boring, both with Harbeth and Totem. You don’t like its look neither.
You prefer the Naim sound in general and more specially with these speakers.
A guy came to your shop, heard the Naim separates, but prefers the tubes sound.
I find your post clear enough, so will disagree with Opus, I don’t think you have eaten mushrooms lol :joy:


I presume so. I just checked and there are 3 models of the Model 1 altogether.

Model 1 (5 inch woofer)
Model 1 Signature (5.5 inch woofer)
Signature One (6.5 inch woofer)

The latest version must be a lot superior. The original Model 1 which I heard 10 or 11 years ago is a very old version which isn’t quite up to the mark.

Understandable: they’re in different leagues…
( not a fair comparison)

I had the H90 and then the H190 and I totally agree that the build quality is terrible compared to most other brands regardless of the price.


Yes, except I’m not a dealer.

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Don’t get me wrong sir, but:

If is terrible, why insist going h90 to h190?

And what ( elements) do you consider when referring build quality?

did any of your models fail?
( and I don’t accept the separation of price point)

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The Hegel is Scandinavian and are meant to have a minimalistic look and a tremendous honest and neutral sound. H190 isn’t boring, but it has a built in DAC and streamer and is half the price of the Supernait 3. They’re not even remotely in the same class. The H590 would probably be a good comparison.

I have heard H95, H190 and Naim Uniti Nova, and they sound like their pricing. Nova is most expensive and sounds best. Although some might prefer the neutral Hegel sound regardless.