Hello, I need help with my Naim music serve

Hello, I need help with my Naim music serve

Hi, what exactly do you mean by “music serve”? Do you have a server such as a Core or Unitiserve?

Perhaps Songfish is playing Roland Garros.

Can anyone please help me get repair

The green light keeps blinking and n-Serve won’t recognise the device

Is there an authorised dealer who can help me?

I’m guessing you mean you have a Unitiserve?

Was it all working OK and suddenly you have problems? Have you contacted the original dealer who sold it to you?

Stand-alone music serve


It’s possible that you have a fault, or that the bios battery needs replacing.
First you should shut it down, turn off the power switch and unplug the power lead. Leave it for a few minutes, then start it again.
If you are lucky this may resolve the problem.
If not, you can try replacing the bios battery yourself if you are happy to attempt it. There is a thread on this forum that explains how to do it, but you need to connect it to a computer screen.

If you need further service assistance, I believe Naim can still fix most faults on a Unitiserve. Some dealers may still be able to do simple repairs, you would need to contact them and ask. Otherwise you can call Naim service department. In the UK you need to take the unit to an authorised dealer to have it returned for repair.
Outside the UK you should find your regional Naim distributor and contact them for advice.

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