Not heard of that cable perhaps others can comment wether naca5 would be an upgrade. But its important to enjoy your new system for a while before upgrades.

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Is the recommendation with a Nait still to ensure 3.5m of speaker cable on each side? If so might be worth considering if you do change!

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Great purchase - settle back and enjoy the music.

Best regards,


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HI @frenchrooster I’m a couple of weeks in and loving my new system, I’ve not yet stopped streaming music or working my way through my vinyl collection. I do have a question though - in you initial message to me you mentioned picking up a ‘netgear gs105’ and whilst I’ve seen one online, I cannot work out why I need it (so hoping you might explain).
t the moment, I’m connected to my Virgin router utilising a Cat 6a ethernet cable (my TV is also hard wired in. At home, it’s just me and my wife and our mobiles/ipads etc.

Guess my question is, do I need the netgear and if so, do I connect that to my router and take the two leads (streamer and tv) from netgear?

Sorry if this isn’t making sense, this is all new to me!

Is it me you’re looking for? :smile:

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Yes CW, I think you need a little dedicated switch with 5 ports or 8 ports max. It can be a tp link, a netgear, or even a second hand Cisco 2960 8ttt ( the best for quality sound vs the three. For perhaps 60 dollars).
You connect it to your router and connect the streamer and nas to it.
I improves the sound because your audio is isolated from the noisy router.
The tv should stay connected to your router.
So you need a second Ethernet cable too.

You should try. For a great majority of us it really works better.

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Thanks @frenchrooster I really appreciate the advice and pointers, I’m on it!

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