Help Connecting Subwoofer to NAC N272

Hi guys,
As the title says all, I want to connect my SVS PB 13Ultra to NAC N272.
I have read couple threads here, but they do not clear my doubt because my setup different.
I am using NAC N272 with Audiolab monoblocks. So I am connecting 272 to poweramps using preamp RCA outs on 272.
So my question is, can I connect my power amps thru RCA Lineout and use the preamp RCA out to my subwoofer ?? Also should I use a pair of RCA cables to connect to my subwoofer ? Or can I connect subwoofer using just 1 RCA cable from Preamp Out (Right) to Low lvl Input Right RCA on subwoofer ?
This might sound noob , but I am connecting my HT AVR to Left Low lvl Input on Subwoofer, thats why am asking if i can connect using a single RCA cable to connect to Right Low lvl Input on subwoofer ?

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Hi, you need to use a spare pre out on the 272 to run a sub. Line out has no volume control.
You will need to run both channels into the sub, which will combine them.
For a sub with high level inputs, you may also be able to connect it to your power amp.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for reply. I dont see any spare preout on 272
Please find attached image, explains what I am doing here and please help me out.

Only line out is available for me which i marked in red.

Thanks alot once again

You can use either of the Din sockets above the two sets of phonos you have highlighted. Both the Dins are preamp outputs.

(If you are going to use a high level interconnect then you must connect to the loudspeaker terminals and not the power amplifier terminals.)



So, with the given condition where I am using Preamp RCA out to Poweramp, I cannot connect my subwoofer… am I correct ?

No you are incorrect!

You can use either Din socket to connect to the sub-woofer. You will need the right interconnect lead obviously. But you can’t use the line out phono connectors ringed in your diagram because they are full output and not controlled by the 272 volume control.

Or you could connect your power amplifiers to one or other Din socket and use the phonos to connect the sub.



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As David says, the DIN preamp outs above the RCAs can also be used.

The problem you have is with the sub input. You will not be able to connect both AV and stereo at the same time, so you would need to change the cables every time.

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Can I use a 3 pin XLR and connect them to the power amps ? I mean 3 pin XLR male to 3 pin XLR female.
I will use 2 cables to connect to poweramps … can I do that ?

Yes, changing the cables is not a problem.

Can I use the line out to connect to my subwoofer and control the volume on sub ?? is it possible ?

No, you need to use the volume control in the preamp, but as you have spare pre outs available on the 272 that shouldn’t be a problem.

The XLRs on your amps are inputs, not outputs.

yes, I meant connecting from 272 to poweramp, not poweramp to sub

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You can’t use XLRs at the 272 end because those are DIN sockets not XLR sockets. But you could certainly use a lead from each DIN socket to one Power Amp. But you would need the correct pin to be connected at the DIN end, in order to get left to one PA and right to the other PA.

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Yeah, totally got it now. I have to import the cables from UK :slight_smile: which might take a while, that is the only reason I am looking for something else to work with.

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