Help copying files from HDX to UnitiStar + USB drive

Anyone help with this?
I have 300 ripped CDs in WAV on my HDX which are backed up to a Synology NAS. I want to create a copy of them on a 256GB USB drive to use with my UnitiStar at another house.
I couldn’t work out how to copy from the HDX but did manage to copy the files from the NAS backup onto the USB drive using my Windows 10 laptop. However the Star struggled to read/load the music and just showed the rotating icon for hours.
Rips on the Star to another USB drive are fine. I’ve read everything I can find but am no further forward. What have I done wrong?

Hi, have you checked that the USB drive was formatted in a way that the Star can use? As a Windows user I believe you will want to use NTFS.
I suspect you will have more luck with this if you use FLAC rather than WAV, but that would mean converting everything on the HDX before you copy it.

In settings you will find an option to format the SDcard in the star, one of the options there is to keep the music on the card, that should allow the star to see the music files.

Thanks to you both for your suggestions.

I formatted the usb stick on the laptop in NTFS and then copied the files from the NAS. So I’ll check the formatting etc options with the Star and see if that works. And if that doesn’t then I’ll re-format on the star and copy the files again.

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