Help - Hi res streaming UPNP DNLA Solution (w/ Roon) for Musos 1Gen AND AVR w/ Control4

Hi All. I have spent hours trawling the forum (and over on AVForums) so thank you for all of your great knowledge bombs.

I thought the best way to cut to the chase would be to ask the collective brain how I can achieve what I want to achieve.

Objective and parameters:

  • To be able to stream Qobuz over my (mainly) wired ethernet network to my Naim Muso and Muso QB 1st Gen, but also be able to stream to my Denon AVR-X3300H, which is controlled by Control4 OS3 via an EA1. I have wired ethernet to one of the two Musos and wired ethernet to the AVR and Control4.

  • I am interested in Roon as it would be a bonus to extract all my old Apple DRM music from TimeMachine on various HDDs and dip back into it, but I do not have a huge collection of hi res downloaded music or CD rips. I will mainly stream from a streaming service, at the moment Qobuz.

  • I do not have a massive budget, so would be interested in the cheapest good sounding options but which do not require me to tinker enormously (ready to go RPi options for example). My only PC is my work one, so for example Bubble UPnP is blocked from installing.

  • If I had to get an expensive integrated amplifier/streamer to plug into my AVR, I would do that, but I think the only way it would talk to the Musos is if it were a Naim. And it would mean going down the route of HT bypass and pre-outs for the FL and FR speakers, which might cause issues in itself.

  • I have no idea how Roon works (despite doing a lot of reading - it’s pretty opaque). I presume I will need some kind of NAS or mini headless computer that will work as a core and then plug endpoints into the Naim via optical and the AVR via HDMI?

  • Ideally I would like to be able to select and play via Control4 - so a driver would be great.


  • The Qobuz windows desktop app cannot see my network connected Muso or my AVR, despite them both being UPnP.

  • All streaming via Control 4 EA1 to the AVR via HDMI is limited to 48khz PCM. I have no idea why but have a suspicion it’s the EA1 that limits it, despite it being able to process up to 192khz. The Denon only receives a 48khz signal. (All via HDMI. The EA1 is 1.4 only).

  • The Denon cannot handle MQA, so I am limited to Qobuz. However I think I prefer FLAC to MQA anyway.

Many thanks for any help you can give! I feel there must be a fairly simple solution I can just plug into my network to make all this stuff work together. :crazy_face:

The cheapest option is a RasPi and install Bubble UPnP Server. Control from Bubble App on an Android device. This will stream over the wire and not over WiFi. Total cost would be under 70 quid and would transcoded FLAC to WAV too.

I used to run this but now use Roon with my ND5XS.

Thanks so much. You’ve been so helpful in my quest for hi res. :raised_hands:

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