Help. I inherited a Naim Uniti MK1 and I cant get ot to work properly

I recently inherited a Naaim Uniti M k1 (i identified it from googling the devices). The problem is the screen on the front remains blank with no obvious sign of life. However, the device is working as I managed to get a cd to play on it (blimey…amazing sound).
Is this recoverable ? have i missed doing something ? Are they easy and worthwhile getting repaired ? Are parts still available ?
Expensive to get fixed ?

My bad admission is that there was no box or instruction manual with it.
So, there was no transit screw and i moved it without one (i didn’t know about the transit screw until i started researching the problem.)
Any ideas please ?

Pretty sure you’ll need the screen replaced which isn’t cheap and they’re maybe a problem in supply as well. I’m sure someone here will confirm and offer some assistance.

Boxes can be obtained (at a cost). Manuals are ‘free’, here -

Naim Support Info

If my NDS is anything to go by (fixed a few weeks ago) the cost of replacement by Naim should be less than £200 plus shipping. Has to be done via a Naim dealer though. Well worth the expense if you ask me.

If it still plays CDs then the mech seems ok and sounds like you have survived the transit screw mistake. I’d get another from a dealer for next time.

Hi, your Uniti screen can be replaced. There are two possible options. The first is to return it to Naim service dept. via an authorised dealer. (You would also have the option of a full service which should ensure that your Uniti remains is top condition for years, although you may not think it’s worth the cost.)
If your Uniti is a very early model it may not have the updated 24/192 streaming board fitted. This is relevant because without it, Naim apparently cannot fit a replacement screen. So you should first check whether you have the 24/192 board. You would normally do this by looking in the menu on the front screen, but that, of course, puts you in a Catch 22 situation. The easiest way is probably to simply play a 24/192 music file and see if it works.

The alternative option is to find a French guy on eBay who can sell you a screen, complete with fitting instructions, which you can fit yourself. I believe a number of forum members have done this successfully, even on early non-24/192 streamers.

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The other way to find out whether your Uniti has the 192/24 board is to take a note of the serial number and phone Naim Technical Support. They can look it up.

The French eBay screens are original spec that Naim doesn’t have any remaining stock of. So as Chris says, they do work fine on Unitis that don’t have the 192/24 board. But fitting it is quite a fiddle I believe.

You should find if you connect your Uniti to your broadband, by plugging an Ethernet cable between the Uniti and your router, that it will connect to the internet. I suggest you power your Uniti off and on after connecting it, so that you ensure it gets an IP address from the router. Now you can run the Focal/Naim app on your phone and it should find your Uniti. Don’t worry about the invitation to “set up a new unit”. This is not relevant to legacy units like the Uniti. So just tap the link that says “Use existing device”.

One thing to check if you do get the app working is the firmware that your Uniti is running. The latest is 4.8.00 but yours may be on 3.0 or even earlier. If the firmware is at least 3.0 then we can tell you how to update it. But if it’s earlier than 3.0 then that is something else you will have to talk to Naim technical support about.

Finally I wouldn’t worry about moving the unit without a transit bolt installed. It’s not recommended, especially if the unit is going to be moved by a courier! But as the CD player works, you haven’t done any damage so far.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

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Naim Germany resp. their distributor (Music Line) charged me €360,00 last year for screen replacement and full service of a SuperUniti, a device which has similar issues with the display. Went through an authorized dealer obviously.

There’s no problem getting a replacement screen for a SuperUniti.

I had my screen replaced on the same unit took it to Sevenoaks hi fi they charged £180 with postage sent to naim but naim will only accept it with the original packaging.
Hope this helps

No problem with Naim changing the screen on any Uniti if it’s got the 192/24 board, which they can’t source to retrofit any more.

You Brits are really lucky

I was quoted double that price for doing my UQ1, making it more expensive than the box is worth to be honest.

Could I advise that, to help prolong the life of the cdp that when you remove the magnetic puck that you “lever” it off using fingertips, holding the base plate down, rather than just pulling it upwards.
The strength of the magnet helped the bottom drive plate to separate, so no rotational drive, and if they fail they’re difficult to replace.
The Uniti 1 is so flexible, I sometimes wish I still had mine ( when the cdp drive failed as mentioned and I thought it couldn’t be repaired I replaced it with a Star, but Naim came to the rescue).
Good luck with yours, eurorider.

We often forget that these forums are multinational. It must be a real pain trying to get the service required at a huge mark up. Don’t know what to suggest but to say that I feel your pain.

Yeah, the Oled screen issue was never Naim’s best hour, their recent service price increases doesn’t help neither.

Where are you located? Prices and convenience vary per country.

Oh and Uniti 1 is great if in good shape.

Well, I am overwhelmed by the friendliness oand helpfulness of all of you people here.
A massive thank you from me.
Sadly, this story doesnt have a great ending.
I took the device to Sevenoaks Sound and Vision and they ewre hugely helpful.
I was willing to buy a box from Naim and send the device to them for a new screen and update. They quoted me about £250 all in.
Naim dont have the parts needed and wont for probably a year !!

I just read about the french guy on ebay, but to be honest, thats beyond my capabilities to fit a new one.

Thanks again to all of you.

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Hang in there. Assuming you’re in the UK, there may well be some interesting news coming up next week for owners of older Unitis.


Is that older Uniti owners or owners of older Unitis? Maybe a special Naim bus pass.


The trade in deal is already live on dealer websites, facebook etc…….nice deal-if the new product is what you want, though i am sure there can be some flexibility. Time to call a Naim dealer like Sevenoaks etc

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If anyone is interested, here is the July deal. I can’t help thinking people would do better to drive a discount and sell on eBay, but not everyone is happy doing that.

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