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Hi All
Would anyone be able to give me some help in changing my Minimserver 2 settings to achieve something closer to what I want?
I’m using the Rock/Pop profile as standard which has settings of:
aliasTags = Artists:-Artist, Artists_Sort:-ArtistSort
indexTags = Album_Artists:Album Artists, All Artists, Date, -OriginalDate:Original Date, Genre
itemTags = Album_Artists_Sort, ArtistSort, Composer, Work, Orchestra, Conductor, Ensemble, Performer, Choir
tagOptions = Date.yearOnly.index.sort, OriginalDate.yearOnly.index.sort
tagValue = Album_Artists.value.sort={Album_Artists_Sort}, Artist.value.sort={ArtistSort}, Album_Artists.default={AlbumArtist, Artist}

I’d like to show my Album Artists using the Album Artist Sort tag, and then the Albums themselves using Album Sort tag. I’d like to ignore ‘The’ in album artist & artist names too.

I have the full version of Minimserver 2 so I think that allows me to create additional profiles.
I’ve started to have a look at the options I might need to add in, but I don’t really have a clue, and this might save me a considerable amount of playing around!


These are my setting and they put the after the artist name.

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I mainly use Minim for classical, so the Rock/Pop profile is not familiar. But you can definitely and easily set up alternative profiles in Minim 2. You can also set Minim up to ignore “The” in artists names.

I wonder if a better place to post would be the Minimserver forum. It’s a friendly place and you’re likely to get help from someone who has used the profile and has similar musical interests.


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