Help installing Software Update UQ2 > Tidal

My UQ2 needs latest software update to continue streaming from Tidal and I’m not so great at these things is there someone who can walk me through it?

I’ll be using an M1 Macbook Air.

Many thanks in advance.

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It’s all in the pdf, I’ll link to a previous thread….

Or here

Some guidance here but it’s pc oriented; with your Mac it’s not so different, just follow what it says in the pdf.
You need the appropriate mini usb cable.
The drivers might not be needed depending on your Mac.


Many thanks for the help so far I’ll go over it later.

I did this a few months back on a S/H 172 - followed the instructions in the pdf and was super straightforward and easy. Good luck!!


Just to highlight the fact that you must use a FULLY WIRED, USB cable.
A “charging cable” will not transfer data.

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