Help me downsize :-)

Greetings all… I’m currently running a 552DR / 300DR / NDX 2 / RP10 + Superline + 3rd party PS / Focal Sopra 2’s.

Like many on the hifi and life roller coaster… I’m contemplating downsizing. Although I was initially contemplating scorched earth and selling the separates and moving towards a SN2… I’m backing off that position somewhat.

I am now thinking I’ll keep the 552… I got it gently used at a great price and I doubt I would ever be able to get another. It’s just so good and given that it’s in my possession now… kind of hard to let it go.

So… I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick up a gently used 250 DR… and sell the 300 DR.

The speakers are definitely going, as I’ll ultimately be moving in with my partner… she has cats… kittens actually… and I fear the speakers would get shredded. I’d spend too much time worrying about that… so I’d rather just let them go. So I’ll be looking for something gently used… probably standmounts, although I’d be interested in floor standers with only 2 drivers that are well out of kitten range. I’ll be buying used most likely and would like something that would be able to resolve much of what the 552 can deliver, without breaking the bank.

I’ll be keeping my sources… although may power the RP10 off the 552 to reduce box count, and sell the PS.

The objective here is to free up some cash… reduce box count and somewhat simplify… and to have a rig more suited to the environment I’ll be moving into (3 kids ages 9, 11, 14… 1 dog… 2 cats… no private listening room… stereo will be in the main lounge).

Looking for any opinions about my thought process here… thoughts from people who own similar setups (Richard Dane and Simon in Suffolk I believe both have 552 / 250 DR based set ups), and particularly interested in thoughts about the speakers I should be considering. The room the rig will be going in is fairly large… it’s an open concept-ish space… living area and kitchen… one long rectangular space about 15 feet x 40 feet with tall 20 foot ceilings in the living room half of the space and more standard 10 foot ceilings in the kitchen half of the space.

Forget replacing the power amp and look at ATC (or simillar) actives, I have downsized twice from NDS/252/300 to CDX2/72/180 which then became way too many black boxes active into SBLs

I now have a 272 into SCM50A speakers and am constantly amazed at what this combination does, I happily admit i went overboard with the speakers and should have gone for 40s but gave into temptation and am still glad I did…


This is a great idea. I’d definitely listen to actives from a couple of brands.

You could listen to the new SN3. Turn 4 boxes into 1.

Just swapping the 300 for a 250 – which lowers the box count by only 1 – seems like too small a move. If you really want to downsize, go bigger and do the SN3.

You don’t seem to do digital music at home, so that at least simplifies things!!

I think you underestimate kittens and cats. Why on earth would they destroy your speakers?? It’s just not what cats do. We had cats for years and they never touched the speakers, though a newly introduced male did once spray on my chrome bumper 250. I’m all for selling those hideous Sopra 2s, but I’d keep the 300. It’s just so much better than the 250. Maybe get some SBLs or SL2s, put them hard against the wall, sit back and enjoy.

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Good point. I’ve had cats in the past, and while they often will pick out SOMETHING upon which to sharpen their claws, I would not go into it thinking it’ll be your speakers. And given that the cats have been living with your partner for a while, they have already formed such behavior (or not). I don’t think it all that likely that they’ll go after speakers newly introduced into the home.

Surely the 552 needs to go then to make any substantive gain? Bite the bullet and get a Nova?



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I would get a scratching post . I got my car from a rescue centre, I was told it was a house cat, a house cat that then sharpened its claws…

I introduced it very quickly to the scratching post and it was happy to be introduced.

I would also get a SN3 and a good pair of stand mounted speakers.

It sounds to me that there is PLENTY of room for a nice hi fi!

When I met my wife she was living in 800 sq. feet with her 2 daughters. I moved in with them for about a year and a half. Within a month I’d added a 60 inch plasma display to her small living room :grin:

But I didn’t re-kindle my hi fi interests until we had moved into our current home. Her preferred arrangement was no tv on the main living level or in the bedrooms, so the 60 inch plasma went into the finished basement where we host football-watching in season, and where her kids would watch tv with friends when they still lived at home.

Moving in with a partner and their kids, for me, was quite easy and helped by the fact that her kids get on with me great, and vice versa. For most it can be quite a challenge however.

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Surely the 552 needs to go then to make any substantive gain? Bite the bullet and get a Nova?

Well if the situation were truly dire from a financial perspective, I would do that. But fortunately it’s not a dire situation. And if I held onto the 552 and I did need to free up funds down the road I could always sell it later.

If I were really going to bite the bullet though, I’d go SN2 or 3 + my existing sources.

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Let the TT and all those LPs go — that should free up some space… To cope better with the loss, treat yourself and get a pre-loved 555DR for your NDX2. :wink:

Our cat has never shown the slightest interest in our speakers in the 14yrs we have had her.

Grand-Children a different matter, though, and have had to be gently discouraged.

If I had a 552 and a 300 I’d not be letting either go. That can only be a cause of regret.


I have a 552/250DR amp set with a ND555. My next move of corse is to upgrade the power amp, but I am very happy at the moment with the 250DR showing how capable it is.

But as others have said switching a 300 for a 250 only saves you one box and will never get the best out of your 552 if you plan to keep it.

I would lose the TT and free up space (no LPs), and keep what is left, or go the whole hog and sell the lot and get a Nova with some Kudos Titan 505s. I don’t know why the cats would attack these and the stands offer some barrier.

I heard the latter system in a crappy hotel room at the Bristol show with a Core as server and it fair blew my socks off! If I was starting out I would have a Nova and some capable stand mounts and hopefully call it a day.

Just a thought.

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Add a XPS DR > NDX 2 > 552 DR> add ATC 19A speakers

Subtract 300 DR, RP10, Superline, 3rd Party PS and Focal Sopra 2’s.

Hope that helps…:wink:

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Well I don’t normally disagree with @NigelB who may have sold his soul to the curse of Digital but no way should the OP sell his TT. And @hungryhalibut the Sopras are not exactly to my taste either but they’re not as bad as you maintain. Furthermore they actually pair very well with both the SN and the 250DR.


So how would you suggest the OP downsizes Lindsay. Not everything can stay.

SN3 powering the SL or possibly swap the SL for a Rega phono stage. If the 552 has to stay then a goodbye to the 300 hello 250. Alternatively, the ATC active suggestion is very worthy of consideration.

As I know myself vinyl takes up space but the OP has specifically said he wants to keep his source components.

Well, my 2 cents … replace the 552 with a Townshend Allegri+ and the sopra2 with some sopra1 … not sure about the TT but if only one box for the source then NDX2 would probably work very well.

Any cat worth it’s salt would happily get their paws stuck into any floor standing speakers with full grills, at best they will get covered in cat hair as they brush against them…
Maybe trade in your Sopra 2 for Sopra 1…

The Sopra 1 and a 552/NDS/ 250dr sound superb and as LindsayM said Keep the TT

The Sopra 1 takes up as much space as the 2 so I’m not sure what it would achieve really. Maybe just keep the lot.