Help me make a playlist and delete an album from the playlist and delete a playlist

I tried to follow the directions for making a playlist and it’s not making sense.

Open the Naim app and touch the Uniti Core icon. Navigate to the track you wish to add, for example - touch ‘Album’ and then find your desired album. Touch the ‘…’ icon next to the track you wish to add. Before you can add your track to a playlist you will need to create the playlist, so touch ‘New playlist’. Touch the ‘Name’ text area in the bar that appears and enter a name for your playlist using the keyboard. Then touch ‘Done’ and your track will have been added to the new playlist. If you’d like to add more tracks, touch the ‘…’ icon next to each track you want to add and then touch the playlist you wish to add it to from the menu that pops up, it should appear just below the ‘New playlist’ option. To view your playlists, touch the home button - the house icon and then go to the ‘Playlists’ option and then the desired playlist to see a list of all the tracks within.

It tells me to navigate to the track I wish to add to my Playlist. I don’t wan’t to add a track. I want to add albums to a playlist.

I made a mess of my first Playlist because it mysteriously has several albums I didn’t add! Playlists seem very track oriented and I am not oriented to tracks at all. I play by album. Turning to my messed up Playlist, It looks like I’d have to delete dozens of tracks to get rid of those albums I don’t want on my Playlist, so I think it best to delete the Playlist.

How do I do that, please?

Instead of tapping the “…” next to the Track, do it at the top of the album screen.

Then just follow the previous instructions.

Tapping the dots at a higher level seems to be what I did, but somehow there are albums in the playlist that shouldn’t be there because I didn’t select them. I was trying to make a Guitar playlist and somehow John Adams Nixon in China is in my Playlist, also Sigmund Romberg Musicals and more completely unrelated oddities! How do I delete that messed up playlist?

Also, I never found fhe “done” command. Where does it hang out?