Help me play the interconnect game

I have a mid tier LP12 with a Dynavector XX2 MkII with a P75 MKII. The tone arm cable is a Linn silver.

I’ve been using a Chord Cobra II rca-din into my nait 3r for a number of years and have been happy. The reason I’ve gone into the a din input is because my nait has had it’s jumpers cut for an old set of mm boards I no longer use or have. I’m going to solder a jumper back in place so I can use the rca inputs. Therefore I need a new set of interconnects.

My first thought was to buy another set of the Linn Silvers. My second thought was to see if there might be a better solution. I think I’m willing to toss $200-$300 usd at my new first world problem. Any suggestions of what would be a good place to start? I’m sure i’m not the first one here with this modern day delimma.


Is there a reason for wanting to use the phono inputs? The din input is no different and if it were me I’d stick with the very good Cobra and spend your $200 on some new music. Try plugging and unplugging the cable 20 times. It will clean the contacts and you may well think you have a new cable!

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Main reason is because I need another rca to din cable and thought this might be easier. There does’t seem to be many rca-din cables around.

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