Help! my Atom Uniti is frozen

My 18 month old Naim Atom Uniti is frozen on the home screen, and I can’t play music through it or use the remote. It reverts to a blank screen with the power button flashing.
I’ve tried using the reset technique of powering up the unit while pressing the play/pause and input buttons for 5 seconds while powering up but that doesn’t work.
Does anyone know of a way to fix this or another way of resetting it?


Unplug the power to the Atom completely, wait say half a minute, then connect the power again. It should start up normally.


sadly that didn’t work, i’ve taken it to a service centre for them to look at it

Have you tried calling or emailing Naim support? If and when you do, please try to give them as much detail as you can. Thanks.

Bloody computers…:roll_eyes: :joy:

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Hi DocGonzo, any luck? I am facing the same issue but with my Star. Have already reset from factory but nothing changes.


I’ve taken it to a service centre to repair it under warranty, best of luck

Dear Richard,
How to perform factrory reset on Atom, what is correct procedure?

It’s on the Atom Support pages on the Naim website:

  1. Firstly unplug any connected speakers and the power cable.

  2. Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Atom.

  3. Continue to hold for 5 seconds.

  4. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons.

  5. Wait for the Uniti Atom to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

  6. Press the Power button to power up the product.

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  1. Connect speaker and power cable?

You’ll have to have already reconnected the power cable before moving on to step 2.

Thank you.

Tried all of that

Was Atom updated withe the latest software?


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