Help, my Core library is a bit of mess!

I’ve been experiencing two issues since a few weeks with my Uniti Core:

  1. When trying to access the Core downloads folder through my mac, I can only see the artworks for the various artist/albums. Months back i was able to see each and every single song for a given artist/album, as shown in the screenshot below. The Download folder does mount normally in the Finder, however, when browsing can’t see all songs per albums. Very few will actually show, but for the major part, i can only see artwork and/or cue sheets.
    I’ve also browsed the latest back up of my Core, residing on a Synology NAS and noticed i’m having same issue there; only artworks and meta data shows, not the actual songs.

Can anybody help here?

  1. 90% of my library is downloads from various sources, and in an effort of gaining space on the SSD, months back i deleted tons of duplicates using a third party software (can’t recall which one exactly). Since then i’ve noticed that when browsing the Core itself some artists’ albums are splitted across multiple individual albums, e.g. Album X including 10 songs would have 4 songs somewhere and 6 others in another separate album X’ for the same artist. I think when deleting duplicates some months ago, I didn’t sort them correctly, so instead of deleting an entire duplicate album, I may have actually partially delete them. I hope i’m making sense here.

Do you know whether i could use some specific software that could help re-build may music library and try to consolidate these songs together and find back the album as they were ?

The first thing to try is to rebuild the music database. If you look in Settings for the Core in the Naim app, under Other Settings, near the bottom of the list, you will see Rebuild Music Database. This takes a while to operate, but last time I did it it took about 15 minutes to do 700 albums, to give you an idea.

As David advises above, initiating a Music Database rebuild would be the first thing to do. Whenever I do it, I usually choose the end of an evening listening session and let it work overnight.

Yes, I just did run a re-build from the Core menu, even though I also did weeks ago but that didn’t change anything then.
Here’s what i have in the mac’s finder when trying to browse the Core library:

I think you are going to need to get a metadata editor like MP3TAG, but there are others, and use that to tidy everything up. I don’t think there is a short cut to doing that. But maybe someone else has some ideas.

Looking at your screenshot, it looks as if the files have been deleted - possibly by the software that did the de-duplication.

Do you have a backup from before you ran the software over your core?

yes i do have a back up from a few weeks before running the software. But files won’t show up in there either, just the artworks.
The files are still there within the Core though, it simply that when using the mac to browse the downloads folder, they just won’t show up.

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