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My machine is NAIM nDAC. Yesterday I wanted to update the firmware to the latest version (4.11.8), but the power was cut off during the update… At present, the machine is not working normally (all the lights are on continuously, as shown in the picture), please ask Is there any way to remedy it? Reset or continue updating…?

There are some ‘special’ button presses the you can do during reboot, I can’t remember what they are so @Stevesky could be of help here.

@Richard , @marcusman should help. They have the Ndac.

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Thanks for replying.
I can’t sleep well for this matter :persevere:
Waiting for rescue.

You have tagged the wrong Richard.

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If you mean me, I’m getting my second vaccination jab right now so unable to do a search. I don’t know the answer off the top of my head. I thought a power off during the update was not good. I’ll check when back but would suggest that if a power cycle doesn’t clear things then contact Naim support.


Ah yes, typo error. Sorry. I was thinking of Mr Dane.

Does anyone have the experience of updating nDAC to share? I waited an hour for the update yesterday and it was not completed. Is this normal?

Can you switch off , wait 30 mn, then switch on again ?
See Richard Dane response above.

I wish I could help. I didn’t have any problems updating. One thing I did do before updating was this from the instructions.

“Ensure you have a Memory Stick (USB thumb drive) that you know works with the DAC. The best way to test this is to put a .WAV file on the memory stick and try to play it. If the file plays then the memory stick is suitable to use for the software upgrade.”

Ok, I’ll shut it down first and try again later, thank you.

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I did not confirm whether the Memory Stick can play .WAV at the time, and now there is no response after inserting the Memory Stick :frowning_face:

Sorry to hear this. You may have to hold tight until Richard can assist. I see all the published codes for the firmware except when all lights are lit up (1)

How long does the update process take?

The nDAC is fussy about which memory sticks work hence the “WAV check” suggest in the update instructions.

I did this and it worked fine but the update still failed for me meaning a return to the factory to be sorted. Interestingly the memory stick that worked before the update no longer works.

I think best to contact Naim or a dealer as @Richard.Dane suggested earlier.

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When I completed the firmware update on my nDAC (if I remember correctly) it only took a couple of minutes.

As previously advised, it’s imperative that you establish whether a USB stick will first work with your DAC prior to attempting to use it for the firmware update, otherwise you may “brick” it. if you cannot recover with a power cycle, you should contact your dealer or Naim support, unless @NeilS has any advice here…

You need to put the update USB into the rear port, if that is a different stick in the front port - remove it & only have the u/d stick in the back.



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