Help Needed, How would you layout this Room?


We are due to move within the next few weeks, and I have been struggling to figure out where to put my system (info in my profile) I will consider a new rack as I have an AV rack ATM with all my Hi-Fi and AV equipment on the one unit.
I am interested in what you all think about the layout in 2 ways, 1 with all equipment together and with it separated.
The box on the left is a fire place.

What are your main speakers? Would you consider a projector & screen instead of a reply?

Hi, Naim S-400’s. We recently purchased a 65" TV, so would prefer to use that.

If it’s doable to take out the fireplace, I would do that and use your longest available wall to put everything along.
Rack in the corner next to the double open doors and your hot seat in the area where the fireplace was.

I’ve got a similar shaped room - little longer but little narrower. We are refurbishing it and planning a layout like this. I’d probably go with something similar.

The problem with putting your speakers on the long wall is that your listening position will likely be directly in front of the wall opposite, which is not really recommended. Also your speakers, looking at the manual, need “free space” so would need to be well away from the wall which is likely to be impractical.

Thanks @TOBYJUG, Fireplace is staying. It’s one of the reasons we fell for the house. @WeekendWarrior, It is an interesting proposition. We do not need to use the double doors to the garden, so speakers in front could work. Is it ok to put speakers in front of glass?

Your doors don’t look quite central and maybe you can avoid blocking the doors to the garden at least on the left. Have you looked at the System Pics thread? There are plenty of people with speakers in front of glass doors, usually with curtains though.

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If controlling reflections off the glass is an issue, you can get sheer acoustic curtains. Google ‘transparent acoustic curtains’. Some more high tech than others!

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