Help needed - Nac 82 Pop on mute

Hello guys, this is my first post here. Been a long time lurker.

Recently acquired a nac82 (paired with nap250 and hicap olive), when i press mute, there is a audible mini pop from one channel.

However I reinserted all the plugs several times to clean them and the pops disappeared. Went to get my nap250 serviced which took 3 weeks, and now when i plugged it in, the pops are back. Is this due to dirty plugs? I noticed the paddle link bridge for the power supply on the 82 has quite a bit of black oxidation on it, so much so only half of the plug can be seen with metal.

It’s certainly worth attempting to clean the pins. Gently with Duraglit if the dirt won’t wipe off with a damp cloth.

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There is no way you should use Duraglit (what are you thinking ?) Pure Isopropanol is the best for cleaning anything.

The OP has stated that there is black oxide on the pins. This won’t come off with IPA.
At the very worse the link paddle can be replaced easily.

That’s what I was thinking :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Other options might be Autosol Chrome Cleaner or green Scotchbrite … :astonished:

YMMV, etc.

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Or even get rid of the paddle altogether…….

(OK, so this would require a second Hicap (or even a Supercap), but it would bring other benefits :grin: .)

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Thanks guys for the responses… I am not very sure what the cause of this is (might not be the paddle). Is there a reason why the mute switch will cause a pop? Hopefully this wont cause any damage.

A small pop is normal.

Hi Igel, I am also having issues regarding the volume adjustment being too fast. Do you know how to adjust the trim pots for volume speed on the 82 POTS8?

Hi,yes there is an adjustment pot close to the volyme,just turn it with a screwdriver to adjust the speed.

Would you happen to have a picture or annotate a picture found online? Many thanks

I have had the same problem last summer. My speakers popped when the mute button was pressed, for unknown reasons. I didn’t mute the system for a few weeks (I was afraid the loud pop could damage my speakers). A month later I decided to try again and the loud pop was gone…

Quick update: Even after cleaning the plug, theres still a pop from the speaker when muting. One interesting thing is - when the system is first turned on, it is a small pop. After a few hours, it becomes a click.

Can anyone confirm if this is normal? @GlenJ @NeilS

This is usually caused by one of the DC blocking caps in the 82 becoming leaky.
A service should sort the problem.



Thanks @NeilS . Sorry for the late reply. But will this pop cause any damage to speakers? If not i will just live with it for now.



It contains an oily substance that IME can be extremely difficult - virtually impossible even - to remove effectively.

That really depends on the severity of the pops, so difficult to say remotely.

If the pops concern you, I’d suggest avoid using the mute function or organise a repair/service.

The fault can be fixed by just replacing the offending cap if the full service cost is undesirable.


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Interesting that this got worse after servicing the 250. Would a leaky cap in the preamp be susceptible to popping worse after an amp service?

I wouldn’t have thought it would be related.


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