Help needed please

I regret to have to take my issues to the forum.

However, I require a response for the following:

My 552DR (still with warranty) broke down in March 2022.

The local agent contacted Naim and is yet unable to advise when repair components will arrive.

I too have contacted Naim since using the standard email on its website. I have received an email with an ‘I will forward to the correct person for attention’ response.

2 months on, I am deeply discouraged that a premium product has failed during its early stage of use. A complete negligence in response is something I cannot ignore.

I ask to be contacted via DM to progress matters.

Paging @Richard.Dane !!!

The Forum cannot help you on this. You must speak to your supplying dealer who will progress it with Naim.

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Unfortunately, the arrival of components is beyond Naim’s control and likely to be as frustrating to them as it is to you. The pandemic and China’s continuing policy of total lockdowns in response to people testing positive will continue to cause supply chain issues across the manufacturing sector resulting in delayed deliveries of new products and repairs. The war in Ukraine and other political/economic events will also be contributing to the supply chain issues.

What is in their control is keeping customers updated on what is happening. Even if it is just an email saying we are still waiting for the components and will update you within a specified time period on whether any progress has been made in sourcing the components.

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Only your dealer, distributor and Naim can rectify matters here. Obviously it’s annoying if there’s delay but this is something for you to discuss with your dealer and try to find a solution that your happy with taking all circumstances into account. Not much the forum can do one way or the other to solve the issue, sad to say.

You could ask your dealer for a loan system in the meantime

Even though there are circumstances beyond Naim’s control, the warranty obliges Naim Audio to rectify the problem within a reasonable timeframe.

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