Help No Sound

Hi all, just gone to take Mr Springsteen’s Western Stars for another spin for the second time today on the CD5 XS and I can’t get a peep out the speakers.
Tried the LP12 and again no sound, tried a full shut down and turn on but again nothing on either source, headphones via amps headphone socket are also dead.
All power lights are on and everything was fine earlier this afternoon, one thing I did notice was that the input selector on the amp had magically gone on to the tuner input this evening and not the aux which is the input for the CD player although I selected the aux before playing the cd.
Any ideas guys ?
Thanks in advance
CD5 XS via Ndac
XS 2
Flatcap XS
Neat Motives SX2

Have you tried pressing the mute button, in case it somehow got muted by whatever made the selected input change?

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Hi David
Bingo I must have had a senior moment, system is back to its wonderful best and sounding great. It’s been along day !!


:smile: At least a nice simple (and inexpensive) fix. Now chill out and enjoy the music.

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