Help, phono boards and the missing link?

I have finally gotten around to opening up the 92 and the 82 to swap boards.

I have removed the 522 phone boards from the 92 and the 92 has the links broken .

I have a set of 526 boards from the 82 which I intend to now put in to the 92. Do I need to remake the broken links?

For the 82 the links are not broken.

Do I need to cut those links in the centre before fitting the 522 boards?

OK, searching through post I need to cut the links on the 82 to stop ‘motorboating’.

Remaining question is then do I need to remake the links on the 92 before fitting the 526 boards?


No. The 526 boards are the link.
Saying that, even if you did remake the link and fit the 526 boards I can’t see it would matter.

Thanks, that was my confusion. In the 82 with the 526 boards working, the link was uncut.

If long term you were going to use an external phono stage on that input, then the preference would be to make the links.
Which is what I did with one of my 72s when I sent it for service to Darran. ( And getting 326 boards is nigh on impossible!)


Seems early 82’s need to leave those links intact.

Tomorrow a bit of borax and one of these should fix it.


I was taught to solder with those.

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Happy to report that on this 82 the links MUST stay in place. All done and sounding sweet with Dark Side and two Hicaps.

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