Help Please: blind person requesting assistance

Hello everyone.

My plea is a bit desperate, but assistance is needed because I have crashed my NDX2.

I was experimenting with changing its IP address, and now it is off my network.

Many aspects of the app are accessible to blind people, but the reinstallation of the NDX has some problems.

I am trying to set up a new device through the app.

Before running the app, I unplugged NDX after turning off its external power supply. It remained disconnected for several hours.

The visual information which causes me problems is:
Which button on the NDX is the “play” and how long should it be pressed before it is released?
Which button on the remote is “home” and also - how long should it be pressed before it is released? I presume that this sets up communication between the Remote and NDX.

Then: what are the prompts, and what is required to select?

I live in New Zealand but i’m ok with managing virtual meetings across time zones. Or: step-by-step in an email might be all that I need.

Appreciate assistance.


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Hi Vaughan, is your NDX2 wired to your network?

On the NDX2 the top right button is the power on, the next button below is the play button.

On the remote, for the home button, go to the lower series of buttons (a grid of three by three) and it’s the middle one the first row.

I’m in New Zealand, so if you get stuck, post again here and I’ll email you a phone number. Your email address will likely be removed from your post, as it’s against forum rules, which is not helpful in your situation.

Thanks Mike.

About to have another go based on what you have provided.

And yes: NDX is wired.

Will report back.

Ok: think my issue now is the on scren dialogue and the prompts and actions this requires.

Thanks again.

That could be messy, do you have any way of sharing what’s on the screen?

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Vaughan, I’ve removed your email. Please note that it’s not safe to post your email address on a publicly viewable forum.

If you get stuck then please do call or email Naim support.

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Yes the Naim hardware is in many places basically very blind hostile. The only reason you need to press these buttons is pair the remote to the streamer, but at that time you have a connection between the app and the streamer.
With Naim it is a good idea to create a docuemtn for the streamer with information about the buttons both on the remote and the player itself.
You need to hold the remote close to the screen on the streamer to get the paring to work, strangely if this is the much talked about zigbee that should work over long distances in this case the remote almost needs to touch the screen.

You could try Be my eyes or Aira if you use it for visual remote support. At times a video call with a person that knows about Naim can be helpfull. This has solved a few setup problems for me over the years.
Good luck,


Thank you Claus and Richard for each of your replies.

After some advice from the dealer who sold me the NDX, I discovered that my problem was solved simply by pressing and releasing the “Play” and “input” buttons on the device simultaneously. I just then let the machine run through its cycle. Checked its cabling, made some changes through the app and all is well.

The information in the app is unhelpful. And I am becoming quite dis Thank you Claus, Richard and Mike. I also called the former Naim Audio dealer who sold the streamer to me. I eventually got to th epoint where I simply ran the reset as often recommended, and let the device work through its cycle. I also checked ethernet cabling and lost count of the wires which connect my kit. All is running again, with the correct address and a generally happy network.

I do think the app cold be improved, with progress information registering on the phone or tablet and being spoken. Critcally: there was no requirement to interact with the remote and to folow visually presented instructions.

Thanks again.


Maybe you could ask Richard to ask Vaughan if he is willing to exchange email addresses ?

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