Help please with very loud hum through speakers

Help needed please. My system has been working perfectly until tonight. Massive mains hum through speakers,the culprit seems to be the Rega Aria phono stage, if I disconnect it the very loud hum goes away. It’s been working perfectly so can’t figure out why all of a sudden I’m getting this issue. I have 72 HiCap 180. Any ideas please?

Check your connections. Loud hum sounds like an earthing problem, somewhere in your phono side.

I have pinpointed the issue to one of my 5 pin din to RCA interconnects. One of them has started introducing loud hum in through the speakers. One works perfectly with phono stage or CD player the other is causing loud hum and can’t properly hear any music. Tried using only the suspected faulty cable with nothing else connected to the 72 and it’s immediately causing the loud hum issue. The other cable works perfectly with both sources. It’s a Flashback Sales cable, can’t understand why all of a sudden it’s causing a problem. I’ve ordered another cheap cable off fleabay to triple check.

Could it be because they are cheap cables :wink:

It could be that yes, I think the earth wire in the din plug has broken causing a ground earth loop. Will be looking now to replace with proper Naim cables. It’s that old but so true saying, buy cheap buy twice.

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