HELP! Please

Sorry for the long story!
I bought my SN3, 2 weeks ago. It was hooked up to Harbeth 30.1’s and bilateral REL T5x hooked up to the speaker terminals. Everything was fine and sounded amazing. I am streaming thru a Cambridge Magic DAC 200M hooked up with a RCA to DIN at the SN3. I also have a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 8.4 (never hooked up the SN3 until today) from way back when but they are in pristine condition. Just recently had one that just stoped working, took it to a tech and it was repaired today. Apparently, a short in the crossover. Got them home, hooked them up to the SN3 and hummmmmm! I did not hook the subs for this test and the jumper cables were in place on the Dales as they should. Turned on Tidal and right away a very noticeable hummm coming from the speakers in sync with the volume. The music played when I hit play but the hummm was still in the background which I could hear thru the music. So, I stoped everything, unplugged everything and hooked the subs onto the Wharfdales. Now, no music just hummm. Unplugged everything again, took the Wharfdales off and put the Harbeths back on, without the subs. No music. Just hummmm, which again in sync with the volume. So I unplugged everything from the wall and will try again tomorrow. I am scared I just did something bad to my SN3. And it sounded sooo good! Help!

Check you haven’t dislodged the link plug.

I checked and double checked all connections!

Link plug it tight and how it should be.

I would switch it all off, disconnect everything from the back of the amp. Then reconnect tomorrow and try again. If it’s still humming, speak to your Naim dealer.

That was my plan. The SN3 is unplugged from the wall right now, I will unplugged everything from it and try again tomorrow ! I am not new at this, but this is the first Naim I have and in Canada it cost me an arm and a leg!! Have a great evening. I will reply to the post if all is well tomorrow. Fingers crossed.Thank you Robert!

Hi. I’m sorry I can’t help on the humm issue, but I wanted to ask you how you liked the Audiolab CDT, and what you may have compared it to.
Best of luck with this issue, I hope you are able to get it sorted.
BTW, I’m also in Canada.

Good morning David. I bought the Audiolab CDT about 6 months ago after having a Pioneer Elite DV47A multi format player. Although the Pioneer had great reviews, the CDT is more accurate in it’s reproduction. Instruments have a better separation. I debated between this and the Cambridge audio CXC CD transport and decided on this one mostly on the user satisfaction reviews and the dealer had a great deal on it. I don’t regret it.

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Hello all, great news, for me anyway! Last night I completely unplugged everything from my SN3 and let it sit, relax and think on it’s shortcommings over night :thinking:. Hooked the Harbeths and subs back on this morning as well as connected everything, speaker, DAC and TT. IT WORKS! Music is playing again in the music room. I do not know what happened but I don’t think I will try the Wharfdales again! Thank you all for your help.


That’s good to know.
It could have been anything, but most likely is a poor connection somewhere, or not powering off the amp when swapping speakers. In the heat of the moment, when it’s not working, it’s easy to not see the issue at hand.
Glad you’re sorted.

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Thank you!

I love a simple explanation…

Thanks for the mini review ortdude. I do mostly local and Tidal streaming, but I think I’d also like to have a CDT available and the Audiolab is well-priced. My NDS would be the Dac.
I’ve seen some used ones go buy but the sellers seem to think that $100 of list is a reason to buy used … and it’s not. But they always seem to sell them, quite quickly.
I think a good deal from a dealer is the way to go, as you did.

No worries! The differences with the CA CXC are such that my ears would not know any different. So, it all comes down to price these days! in Burlington Ontario. You can find something on the website, then call Chris and they will usually have a good deal on. They are Canadian and offer top notch service. Cheers

Thanks for the referral. I’ll check it out.


…you may want to check out forum rules. “please do not post “live” links to commercial hi-fi or other commercial websites.” Mentioning vendor names OK.

Apologies! I thought about after I posted. Won’t happen again. Thank you

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