Help! Remote suddenly not working

I’m using the Uniti Atom - remote was working even this morning, but when I picked it up just now it was not working. Normally when I pick it up, the buttons light up, but it didn’t just now. So I changed to new batteries, but that did change anything. Still not working.

What can I do?

Have you tried re-pairing?

Tried, but despite pressing the home button for over 10 seconds, nothing lit up :sweat:

What was the condition of the old batteries like? Maybe they left some residue on the connection points…?

Don’t think so. The batteries removed were clean, and barely one year old.

Got it working. Not sure what I did to get it working again though :sweat_smile:


That’s good news. Remotes can be temperamental little things. Even just spinning the batteries around can solve things…

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