Help required to connect my behringer 6200 to home audio

Hi… I am new to this. Can some body please tell me if i can just connect my Behringer FBQ6200, 31 band graphic equilizer to my existing home stereo system. I have got a fasination for equilizers and sound modulation and this unit has got a full spectrum of controls

If i can connect, what are the interconnects required between Behringer FBQ6200 and my existing Denon Stereo amplifier. How do I actually connect the Behringer FBQ6200 to my home audio system. I have a DENON CD, MARATNZ AMP and Wharfdale Speakers


To connect a graphic equaliser to an amp, you can place it either between pre-and power sections (many integrated amps won’t allow you to do this), or to a tape loop (tape in/out, this allows you to switch the eq in or out of circuit). You’ll need a set of tape interconnects, use the Behringer’s single-ended in/outs and you may need stereo jack adaptors or to have some i/cs specially made up for purpose.

OK, thanks a lot for the response. Will check out accordingly. One question, do u advise the Behringer 6200 to be connected or not

Generally these things are rarely if ever very transparent and can’t really improve the signal, just degrade it in various ways, so personally I would not use one.

OK, thank you. Will go by your advise

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