Help- Tidal master versions not showing in Roon if I already have the album on my local library

Hi. Just set up Roon for the first time. My system is thus: Roon ROCK running on NUC, Sonore UPnP bridge, NDS. Active Tidal account.

I’ve edited this message as my initial analysis turned out to be wrong; however, I’m still having an issue: I’m not seeing the MQA versions of albums in Tidal. Please see my followup message below for further description.


Turns out the MQA versions are there, but only if it’s an album that I don’t already have in my local library. If I search for an artist in the Roon app, I see two fields entitled “main albums”, one of which is my library on my NAS and one of which is Tidal. The only albums showing under the Tidal field are those I don’t already have in my library, meaning there’s no way for me to play the MQA version of an album that I already have at CD res on my library.

Again, I’m assuming I have a setting wrong but I can’t figure it out. Help?

If you click on the Versions link (above the album track list alongside Tracks and Credits) it will do a pull from Tidal and allow you to access the Tidal versions including MQA.

Having said this I have disabled MQA as I have yet to be convinced it has anything to offer.

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