Help to find a solution for multi-room broadcasting

Hi all,

Here I have a configuration in my living room controlled by an SN3 and another in my bedroom with a Muso Qb2, I would like to add a third room with the possibility of being able to broadcast the same program in the 3 rooms. Should I at least take another Qb2 or is there another cheaper solution that I don’t know without losing quality?

Too bad Naim doesn’t offer a smaller battery-powered speaker that can be integrated into their ecosystem…

Thank you for your answers, have a nice weekend everyone!

If you want something cheaper than a QB it will obviously not be Naim, therefore it won’t use Naim multiroom.
You can use AirPlay, Chromecast or Roon multiroom to group different brands of streamers together. That may mean a small loss of sound quality, but for me that is less important when using multiroom so I could live with it, reverting to native Naim control for the main system when it matters.

Thank you for your clear answer, I’ll wait to find a preloved Qb2 :wink:

However, only Roon-ready devices from different brands. Some supported brands with other protocols may have their own zones

Indeed, I have already thought about the use of Roon, but regardless of the fact that it is paid, you need an independent server which ideally remains permanently on, therefore another machine.
I could install Roon core on my NAS (Synology DS718+), but it doesn’t seem to be good enough, maybe I’ll try the free 14 days.

Thanks again for your response.

A QB1 will probably be quite a bit cheaper. I have a QB1 and that works well in a multi-room configuration with my Atom. It’s supposedly limited to 48 kHz but that’s only because I use it wirelessly.


I’m testing Roon (installed on my NAS Synology 718+) with a bluesound speaker, it looks pretty good.

But I repeat: a portable battery-powered speaker is missing from Naim (or Focal)!

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