Help with a 332/333 issue?

I received and tried set up yesterday a new NC 332 and 333 but I have encountered a problem. I will call my dealer and Naim support tomorrow but in the meantime wondered if this might be a “user error” that someone else has encountered. I have both units separately connected to the mains but powering the preamp with my NPX300 makes no difference. Here is the issue.

Both the 332 and 333 seem to power up as they should and the remotes have been paired correctly. When the preamp (only) is connected via RCAs to my CD player everything sees to work normally. However when the streamer is connected via the 5 pin DIN cable there appears to be no audio coming from the streamer into the preamp. The streamer seems to pick up the correct signal from my CD transport via the coax connection (it shows the correct sampling rate) and I can get it to connect to my NAS library, Qobuz and internet radio. However in every one of those cases there appears to be no sound being passed along to the preamp.

Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Apologies if you’ve already done this but I had a similar problem on my setup…have you specified DIN rather than XLR interconnect via the Naim app?

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Maybe check your cd player for output configuration? If tour CD player has mode selection .eg … RCA out , XLR out , Digital out etc … in your case , u are using digital out to the streamer using the streamer dac? I don’t know… maybe you try see the output setting of your cd player ?

Go to the Naim app and change the audio output from XLR ( default setting) to DIN


Outstanding!!! Changing XLR to DIN in the output settings fixed it. So glad I asked and you saved me an enormous amount of effort!

Thanks so much


You’re welcome :wink:

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I understand that you need to configure DIN instead of RCA in the 332 set up, with the help of the app or remote.
@GeoffC should help.

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No. It’s the 333. Now the default audio output of the streamer is XLR and not DIN. So if you’re using the standard din cable you must change the audio output via the Naim app.


Not sure what I am missing, but… would XLR not be the obvious way to connect the 333 Streamer output to one of the 332 preamps inputs…? Rather than DIN…?

And - surely… an XLR to XLR must be supllied…? No…?


Someone opened recently a thread on it and asked if DIN is better vs XLR. He decided to compare both and will share soon.

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The 333/332 package comes with only the Naim 5 pin DIN cable to connect the streamer to the preamp. It is quite interesting that for some reason the streamer, out of the box, is set to use the XLR outputs and not the DIN output.


How… odd… IMO… :crazy_face:

The NC range seems to be strong on XLR connections, indicating this is the New Naim Normal. So to ship the 332 & 333 with just a standard (OC) DIN to DIN seems… :thinking:

Guess the cable comes with the 333 Streamer…?
As NAC’s (so 332) usually come with ‘nothing’.

Ian, you are correct. The 333 comes with the DIN cable. The 332 comes only with the power cable and link plugs. It is interesting that the manuals call the streamer XLR outputs balanced while the XLR inputs on the preamp are not described this way. I am not familiar enough with balanced vs unbalanced to say whether this would be normal.

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XLR’s are very common in pro-audio applications and are usually used in a balanced configuration.

I believe Naim have said the NC XLR’s are balanced. The NAP250’s inputs were specifically redesigned, from unbalanced XLR to balanced XLR, I believe @110dB has said.