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Hello fellow Naim Addicts,
I need some help with a new amp setup. I currently have 72/hi-cap/180, i would like to up grade to a better set up. What amps would be an improvement. I have around 5k to spend, but I am wanting too use it with my Linn Sondek LP12 and my Linn Sara original not Sara 9 speakers. Would like the same look. Thanks in advance for your help. I will be looking at used amps.

Add a 250. Almost any 250… (but ideally a nice Olive pre-loved one).

You have a HiCap so you are good to go…!!!


For 5K you could get 135s and have the change to spend on your TT.


I went from a serviced 72/ 250 dr/hicap dr to a bare SN3.Now for information I am over 30 years with Naim changing and upgrading during the years but with preamps it was just 42 and then 72(new) till I changed to the SN3.My music is mostly classical and baroque instrumental and vocal also male and female American standard and country style music.Suprisingly I found improvment in sound quality and musicality. In my opinion!!!due to the superiority of the SN3 pre over the 72(my conclusion).


The degree of difficulty, for the OP, in finding a (good) pair of 135’s, is likely considerable.

Finding a good 250 though - is much easier… :thinking:

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That’s what I’d do too. The original Sara is a bit of a beast to drive. A 250 would be good, and much better than a 180, which really isn’t up to it, but 135s would be even better. It’s important to get a serviced pair, which should be possible for around half the budget, leaving plenty to improve the Linn, if it needs improving of course. An Ekos would be lovely.

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I agree that in your case a 250 (or 135s) should be a priority. If a 52 comes up as well, that would be a great setup and just about possible within your budget.

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The 135s on the end of my then 32.5/Hicap grabbed hold of my Linn Saras in a way that your 180 or my CB250 could only dream of.

It was such a big step that I recommend doing only this and living with it for a while before considering anything else with the rest of your budget.

Best regards, BF

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A BIG THANK YOU for all the advice, i really appreciate your help. I am in search of the 135s, now my mission begins.

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Hi guys, just seen a Nac 202 & Nap 200. Would these help drive my Linn Sara better than the Nap 72/hicap/nap180. Would i need a phono stage and could i use my hicap olive with the amps. Any help given very much appreciated.

Not really. You want at least a 250, as mentioned previously. Many prefer the 72 to the 202. So keep your 72 and get a 250 or ideally 135s.


Or for £5k a NAP300…

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