Help with Cambridge Audio amp

Hi, not very educated in this department.

I have a Cambridge Audio azur 54OR Av receiver, with Audica surround sound.
For a while ive had an issue when turning it on, it makes an extremely loud noise, turns on with maximum volume despite the volume being low for last use.

My way around it is to unplug all inputs before turning on and then most times there is no issue. To clarify, I have this issue before any music / audio is playing. I can turn it on with no audio playing, no input, go to turn volume down to check and sometimes just switches beetween min/ max without any numbers showing.

Sorry could have explained better. Any tips / advice on how to fix this problem?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are two obvious solutions - firstly don’t turn it off, and secondly get rid of it and get a Naim amplifier.

Spudkee, I would get in touch with Cambridge audio technical support about this. It sounds like it could some kind of logic control issue.

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