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Can anyone please advise as to whether a naim uniti atom will have enough oomph to power a pair of naim SBL MK2’s.
The atom is rated at 40W and the SBL’s have a maximum rating of 75W as far as I can see.
I would prefer facts to guesses.
I’ve just bought the atom and am now looking for a suitable pair of speakers. The SBL’s I’ve seen are mint and ideal in terms of size etc providing the atom will power them satisfactorily. I appreciate they’re not perhaps the latest thing in hifi but I’m more interested in a room full of great music than having my head in a vice to maintain optimum position whilst I listen to the precision of the latest mind blowingly expensive gear.

Probably not the optimum match… :thinking:

A 250 would be more like it…

It’s much easier to damage speakers with an under-powered amp than it is with something several times the power input. Saying that I’ve driven my DBL’s with a Nait for a few days and they sounded pretty good. I’m sure they’ll sound fine. Just be careful not to clip them. It’ll be those low notes that drop the impedance that’ll do it!

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That’ll be a no on the SBL’s then.
Never mind.

Thanks for the concise info.
I won’t be taking the risk. I’m a bass head so it’s a definite no.
I might have to look at focal 936 type speakers then.
Have to be front ported as they are to sit in an inglenook fireplace recess. All bricks and slate.

Can you take your atom and have a listen? I’ve driven my sbls with a Nait 5 which has 30 watts too and good it was. I now use an Atom HE and a Nap 200 which is better especially in bass control, but the Nait 5 did create some good music. Solid walls is what you need and have and that’s more important than the power of the amp.

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The Atom will drive the SBLs fine. But it’s not just about power, it’s also about quality. In the SBLs’ day they would be used with a Linn or a CDS and a 72/250, 82/250 or 52/250.

I used to run an Atom with a pair of Proac Tab 10’s and thought it a great match. They are sealed boxes (ie non- ported) so can go very close to a rear wall. Put them on decent stands. Definitely worth an audition

Thanks for all contributions. I’ll try to arrange a trial before I finally decide.
There’s rarely a simple answer in the hifi world. Maybe we could all be politicians.

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