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Just tried to change the drive in my core. Existing drive is a 10tb HDD unit, with around 4tb of music on it.
Decide to change to an SSD,
And have a Samsung 8tb unit.
I put the SSD into the core and set up as a store, with the core preparing the drive for correct file structure, all ok.
Then removed the SSD and used a separate unit to copy all the music files across from the HDD to the SSD.
Look at the SSD drive with a PC and all correct files are there.
I re fit the SSD into the core and it sees the file store ok and it also recognizes the Samsung ssd and shows the volume of data on it, etc.
Problem I have is that none of the music actually appears on the screen, so if I look for albums or artists, etc. Nothing is showing.
Have I missed something in the process to have the music visible?

Calling @davidhendon ………I hope he can shed some light?

Yes I know what the issue is here. I’m out at the moment but will respond later this morning.


Is there no way you can transfer your music files to the SSD whilst still in the Core via the app? Thought you could just ping them over your network.
Anyway, David appears to have a solution for you.
Good luck.

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The correct way to replace the internal hard disc in a UnitiCore with another one is to make a backup (using the backup function in the app), change the internal disc, assign it to be a music store using the app and then restore the backup to the new disc (again, using the restore function in the app).

If you don’t want to do it that way then you can import (using the import function in the app) your files from your backup. The Core will likely put the files in the downloads folder, unless it is convinced that they are rips by a Naim server in which case they will go into the Music/MQ folder.

You can also just cut and paste files over the network, but you have to paste them into the downloads folder. If you do anything to the downloads folder then the Core automatically indexes it. If you do a restore or import, then the Core automatically indexes it. If you put files directly into the Music/MQ folder then you break the index the Core has of things in there and they won’t show up in the app.

You may find that “Rebuild Music Database” which is under Other settings in the app will find all the music you have put into the Core’s new SSD. But this is not a certain process in the sense that you may get some metadata oddities.

If you put stuff into the downloads folder then you can’t edit the metadata with the app. You have to use a metadata editor running on something that can see the downloads folder over the network.

The first way I explained (backup , change disc, restore backup to new disc) is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to do this.


Thanks David, that’s very useful.
I have gone for rebuild database, which appears to be working fine.
I think the details you posted above should be an faq on the naim site for core support.
Much appreciated


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