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How do you delete a player from a group if the one you want to delete was the original one picked. An example; I started of using the MU-So and then added the NDX2. I can remove the NDX2 (2nd one picked) but not the Mu-So (original one picked). I even tried closing the app but when I brought it back up, it was still there.

I presume you mean the Multiroom feature…?
As far as I’m aware, you can’t – the ‘initial’ device selected for playback is the ‘source’ as such, from which the feed is shared to other devices for Multiroom….

I know, slightly annoying – it’s caught me out a few times when I’ve wanted to stop playback in one room, but continue in the other(s), having forgot it was the player I started with….


Thanks for the reply. Yes I did mean Multi room. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find a way to delete the original room. At least it has a mute option, that is what I have been doing.

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Yes, probably the only workaround I guess…though of course the player stays unnecessarily powered on….

If its iRadio and I’m streaming Radio Paradise or something, it’s not too bad to kill the original player and quickly start afresh with the player/room(s) you want and pick up where you were…but if it’s UPnP, USB, etc then obviously it’s a pain having the playback interrupted mid track….

You can’t swap to a new master. Just turn the master off and then start things from the other one.

This has been asked for many times, but unfortunately it isn’t possible as others have indicated.

In the past there have been a few feature request threads like these ones:

Supposedly these were monitored by the dev team at Naim, so they should be aware of this request. Of course we don’t know if they’re actually considering it.

Some multiroom implementations are able to do what you want, such as Roon or Airplay, so if it matters to you they may be a solution. Naim multiroom can’t because the streamer from which you initiate play acts as a server, sending the stream to the other units as clients. So stopping the server necessarily stops everything.

Thanks, great explanation.

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