Help with Nova and Rel S510

I want to try the sub out on my Nova to my Rel S510, I have been advised to use a y splitter on the Nova, then a RCA cable to the S510, however there is a left and a right input on both the Nova and S510, sorry output on the Nova, can I not use a stereo pair of cables from the Nova to the sub??

For a low level connection you will need a suitable length of stereo RCA cable, no splitter required.
For a high level connection (which you may find preferable as per Rel’s instructions, but either is fine) you will need to take a feed from the speaker terminals into the Neutrik high level input on the sub.

Thank you for your reply, just to make it clear, sorry if I sound thick, so I run 2 cables, one each for the left and right channels on the Nove outputs, to the left and right inputs on the S510

A regular single stereo cable with a pair of RCA plugs on each end is all you need to connect to the Nova pre/sub output.
If you need a very long lead, it’s possible that you would be better off with a ‘slugged’ cable (which means that it has a resistor fitted at one end) as some preamps need this. I don’t know if it would be required with the Nova - your dealer should be able to tell you.

Thank you ill be running a 6m stereo pair from Nova to sub, think that’ll be ok ?

You would need to ask Naim if a slugged RCA cable would be better here. With some preamps it would be required, but I couldn’t say whether or not the Nova pre would need it.
Your dealer should be able to find out for you, or you could ask Naim support.

Thank you, I’ve sent an email to Naim support, could be 5 working days for a reply, if anyone knows if 6m would be OK please reply, thanks everyone

Have you tried your dealer? They might know, or not, but they may have quicker access to the right person at Naim.

@Naim.Marketing this is a question that arises on the forum fairly regularly. Do you think you could coax someone at Naim to provide a concise answer to which Naim preamps might require a slugged cable and at what length of cable? That would be for separates, Naits and Unitis. Of course I realise the guys are very busy right now, but if this knowledge was added to the collective wisdom of the forum it might be useful.

Hopefully someone will see the topic and if they know will answer

I’m not so sure that anyone outside Naim will have the answer. It’s a question that has yet to recieve a definitive answer on the forum when it’s come up in the past.

There is a better solution.

It involves a miniDSP 2x4. The wiring is this: 2 short cables from the Nova to the miniDSP unit, then one longer cable from the miniDSP to the REL. In the simplest configuration, the miniDSP does 2 things It acts as a buffer/line driver so that the long cables don’t disturb the preamp of the Nova, and it mixes the stereo signal to mono so that you only need one cable to the REL.

However it also presents the possibility of using it to reduce the effect of room resonances - you can put narrow ‘cut’ filters at the frequencies that the room exaggerated, hence getting a much smoother bass response. This is in effect a form of digital room correction that doesn’t interfere with the delicate information in the audio mid-range.

@Xanthe would there be any concerns for possible latency that is introduced in this process, or is that a matter of phase adjusting?

Latency is around 20μs: insignificant compared to the typical 3ms to 5ms group delay of a sub, In addition you need to compensate for the sub’s group delay by positioning it closer to the listener than are the main speakers (if you don’t do this there is an audible disconnect across the crossover between the main speakers and the sub).

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Thank you for your reply, but would not rather not go that route, but thanks for the info

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