Help with NSS333/NAP250DR/NC250 system automation

I have set up a system consisting of a NSS333 streamer, a NAC252DR preamp, NC250 amp and TAD ME1s.

I connected the NSS333 system automation output 1 to the NC250 with the fiber cable that is provided and the output 2 to the NAC252DR with a mini jack to RCA. While the system automation works perfectly well between the streamer and the preamp, the amp doesn’t respond. I have tried so interchange the two outputs but it didn’t work.

Is it normal or should I do something to make it work? Are only the new NC preamps those that are able to command the NC amps or are also the streamer?

I don’t believe the 250DR is compatible with 200/300 series automation. When I had my 250DR and 222/300, I left it on the whole time which is beneficial for SQ.

It’s an NC250 (new classic) not a NAP250DR. The NC250 can be automated with an NSC222 or NAC332. The question is whether or not the NSS333 streamer can automate the NC250.

I believe you need a New Classic preamp to use system automation with a matching power amp, so that would mean getting a 333. At least that’s what the instructions say, and it works for me with 332/250. I haven’t tried connecting the 250 to the 333, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work. Either that, or you don’t have the SA settings configuration properly.

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Thank you Chris.

I had the same idea reading the instructions but they are somewhat vague. Nevertheless, the system automation is definitively working since I can control the NAC 252.