So , I,ve only gone and won a Rotel A11 Tribute amp and a Rotel CD11 Tribute CD player , so my question is this , would I be able to incorporate them with my Naim Atom ? and if so how ?
Thanks in advance :smile:

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The Rotel CD player has a coaxial digital out so you could connect that to the Atom if you wanted to play CDs.

Thanks , I take it the amp would be of no use ?

You can connect the Rotel CD player to the Atom. The Rotel amp is very very probably inferior to the Atom amp. So no interest to use it with Atom.
Better would be to sell both Rotel and rip your cds, with a pc or something like Innuos mini. The Atom will then stream them and with also very probably better sound quality than the Rotel CD player.

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I can’t really see how you’d use it with the Atom.

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Congratulations! Aren’t these the Rotels that were developed/tweaked by the late, great Ken Ishiwata? I’d imagine they’d be pretty good. Perhaps not quite up to the Atom, but who knows?

Perhaps a separate system for another room? Or else maybe sell on and put the money towards future upgrades or music.

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Yes that’s the ones I have won , they do get very good reviews in their own right , I,m tempted to keep the CD player , but obviously selling as a pair might be the best way forward.

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