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Seems like the global chip shortage has delayed Naim’s DR boards, any insider information in improvements to shipping of 555 PS DR ?

That doesn’t make sense:
DR is Discrete Regulator (i.e. it uses discrete components).
It does this more expensive but better approach, rather than being an IC regulator (i.e. using an Integrated Circuit [aka a ‘chip’]).

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Just going on what my Naim dealer mentioned.

The back of a pair of Dr modules.
Plenty of SMT here, and a couple of ICs but can’t see anything uber tech?

The front is even less impressive.

Perhaps we can get a reaction from Naim ?@Naim.Marketing ?

There aren’t any LSI IC’s visible there there are a few small 5 pin (probably analogue) devices, but those are simple devices, and nothing that could be affected by fab plants set up for ASICs, ARM chips or larger.

I’ll ask for an update. But you need to remember it’s rarely the shortage of a single component that is causing ourselves and many other manufacturers issues - it’s often a combination of factors. There is a global shortage of all kinds of raw materials, with ongoing logistical issues not helping matters for anyone. Add the huge demand for products (nice problem to have, but still an issue!) and result is a longer-than-average wait.

We are far from alone on this - sure you saw this in the news, for example

Our factory is still up and running, with a wide range of products being hand-crafted, under COVID-safe conditions; we’re doing everything we can to get people their products as soon as possible.


Ah, thank you, I hadn’t seen the correlation down the chain to the supply of base materials; that can affect supply of all high quality semiconductors.

And of course the AD DSPs are manufactured in medium scale fabrication plants; just the type that have been affected by the headline events (even though DSPs aren’t used in the DR!).

Thank you Clare.

I’m not so sure about the base materials being the shortage. The technical press are reporting more on manufacturing capacity being unable to meet demand. South Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore appear to supply most of the worlds chips. Covid shut down factories initially, followed by high demand for home working kit, and then this year an upturn in world demand for new cars , a major market for control chips. Taiwan has tried to up their manufacturing capability with new plants but have been hit by a drought. Apparently chip manufacture has a high water usage.
Press suggest two years of short supply before the promised new plants come on line worldwide.

Edit. Add to this the USA China trade confrontation and its doubtful if China are going to be helping out in the short term.

I think us, as manufacturers, know a little more about the issues than the tech press, frankly :slight_smile:


Happy to be corrected Clare. I was hoping to provide information, not doubting your experience.

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It’s fine! Tech press are doing their best, but the situation is so fast-moving, with so many variations, that a lot of stories end up as generalisations, or being quickly out-dated.


I worked for the United States Navy in materials and Logistics it was referred to as spcc or ships Parts control center. We heard every lame excuse as to why a vendor was going to be late and delivery would need to be rescheduled. There are a multitude of problem solving ways to eliminate the problems. We never blame the vendor we blamed ourselves

Thanks for your insight, but even the Armed Forces’ finest may not have previously encountered the perfect storm caused by a global pandemic, Brexit and numerous logistical issues. We are working our way through it, though; this will not be a long-term problem


And the US Navy had a budget of what?


I think you (or another poster) put this forward on another thread.

Search global supply chain issues. Here’s one from the Harvard Business Review 26 March 2021:

Constraints on the supplies of their raw materials — especially polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and monoethylene (MEG) — are leading to factory shutdowns, sharp price increases, and production delays across a range of industries.

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Stand by your beds, Clare. You are being inspected by the US Navy, no less!


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Hi Clare, did you receive an update regarding the 555 PS DR supply availability. Thanks in advance.