Herbie Hancock Harvard Lectures on Jazz (2014)

Back in 2014 the great Jazz pianist and humanitarian Herbie Hancock was invited to give a series of lectures on ‘The Ethics of Jazz’ and life at Harvard. They are quite long but well worth the time here is the first,

‘The Wisdom of Miles Davis’


I cannot praise this first lecture enough and it makes me even sadder that his concert in Madrid next month that I was due to attend has been postponed for me it is the great musicians job once they have grabbed our attention with their music to take things a bit further and do as Herbie is doing here with these lectures by opening up a dialogue with his audience and not only that using his platform to push things forward a bit.

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Herbie Hancock is one of my favourite jazzman. I love his music, specially from the debut to mid seventies. But after too, but not all.
I went 3 times at his concerts in France, with acoustic band or fusion ( HH and the Headhunters 2). And with Lionel Loueke and others some years ago .
I could talk to him 5 minutes after a concert.
One thing that is sad is that he makes a lot of concerts , since many many years, but they are never produced as albums, or very rarely, but with a pity sound quality.
He has not made any album since maybe 10 years. A bit sad.

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You’re very lucky I’d love to see him. The concert in Madrid was also with Alfa Mist so would have been something very special.

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Was lucky enough to chat with Herbie after one concert some years ago - a very nice guy !


Maybe on YouTube already?

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