Herbie’s Audio Lab Still Active?

Anyone have been dealing with Herbie’s Audio Lab lately by any chance?
The ones in USA making/selling for example the Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider and other gears.

I tried their web message tool, email, a few phone calls and all I get is radio silence, no answer no where.

I was about to order but I wanted some technical info to make sure I was ordering the right spike floor protector. But now I don’t feel like ordering from there web site if they ended there activities. I hope it’s not the case!


It’s working for me. I’m in North America. Love their products btw!!

So you had a contact or did order from them lately?

About a year ago. Bought some Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders(8). No issues at all. Nice guy on the other end. They work well for me.

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I have a Herbie’s Way Excellent Mat on both my LP12 TTs. The company was certainly active a few months ago.

I think that it’s an improvement on the Linn felt mat, but I believe that Richard Dane doesn’t agree.


I placed an order back in December and all was in order. No issues at all.

Are you sending an email or using the contact form on the website?
If the former, I wonder if it’s going to spam?

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I know there is a phone number on the website somewhere because I spoke with the owner.

Over the last couple of years I have used their website to order Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider for my speakers on the first occasion and then for my system rack. Also ordered on-line a set of four tenderfoot isolation feet.

All three orders were filled and shipped quickly.


You were not tempted by the Collaro mat? Seems to be well regarded here. But you have to like red.

No, it comes in black too (more expensive!).

Hello, FR, I’ve been using a Herbie’s Mat for so long now, and I’m so used to it, that it doesn’t really occur to me to look elsewhere.

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Thanks, but yes, I tried all of the above, and checked my spam folder.

The general comments in the post seems to show activities. It gives me hope. :wink:

I would like to at least get a sign of life before sending some money over there.

I understand it might not be a big shop with full time employees. I will give a few tries again next week.

I would really like something, probably the Gliders, for my new Atacama SLX stands with D2R over it. I’m having a lot of fun now. :wink:


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As and FYI, If you look through the reviews you will come across comments who have purchased products from Herbie’s from several international locations.

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I used Herbies Tenderfeet under my DAC and CD-transport. As recently as around 3 weeks ago, so yes, they are still actively trading.
It was an almost jaw dropping moment when a friend and me put them under the Gustard R26. It sounded like a completely (much better) player than without them…we looked at each other after the firsts few notes in disbelief, as I fully expected little to no improvement, and to return them.

$60 for a set of 4 seems almost chump-change these days…even though they look like door bumpers you can get at a Hardware store for $3.00.


Oh! This is real fresh intel!
Thanks for sharing this info! I was still not getting any echoes with my Herbies communications attempts.
Well then I might very well go for some titanium Gliders and a few Thin Fat Dots.

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FWIW I have the Atacama HMS 2X stands with Proac D2R speakers, and I use the titanium gliders as well.


Nice. I was trying to get the HMS 2X too, but Atacama are not easy to get in Canada :frowning:
I ended up SLX 600 that I had to cut the top plate to make it flush to the speakers.
The stands are now filled with some steel shots mixed with sand for a weight of 18kg each.

The impact on the sound is impressive! But still need some fine tuning with the floor who gets much more vibration now.
Can’t wait to try the Herbies!


Nice work. It took me awhile to find my HMS 2X as they were out of stock at the time. Mine are also filled with Atabites and are heavy now. The Herbies make them so easy to move around as I’ve found my D2R’s are sensitive to placement.

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I did proceed 2 days ago and at the moment received an automated email confirming the order. The payment is still not accepted but I did received a second Herbies email yesterday end of day telling me that a waybill have been created at DHL. So I guess the activities are moving on, so this is a good news.
I think it’s just sad that none of my about 12 attempts on all possible media have been answered. I really wish I could had some more guidance on their products.
Well I’m sure the performance of the gliders will be far more superior then the customer service. :wink:
Can’t wait!

Conclusion, I said what I had to say about the customer service, as for the order, it’s a flawless execution. Perfect score. Shipped under the 3 days advertised standard. Automated emails confirmation and follow up until delivery was perfect. :star_struck:

Thanks for your info helping me getting here!
Now it’s time to make these speakers sing and dance with these Gliders! :wink: