HI cap DR Difference

This might be a strange question but I’ve seen for sale brand new sealed boxes from a couple of different dealers showing internal pictures both as I said are brand new “ current” spec but look very different inside. :thinking:

The top photo is DR, the bottom is the old LM317 regulators.


Thank you for a very swift reply.
Seems like Russian roulette pulling the trigger on one as both dealers are the same price and brand new sealed.
Suppose it’s a case of buy the dealer not the product.
Thanks for that info. :+1:t2:

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Taking the lid off to photograph kind of goes against them being new and sealed, I suspect the images were pulled from online.

DR has been around for over 10 years so a quick check of the serial number should confirm what is actually on offer here


Thank you that’s very informative @RichardPW .


I’ve just purchased two brand new sealed hi-cap dr’s from sevenoaks sound and vision… both are definitely the dr version. Sevenoaks also done the pair at a great price. Certainly cheaper than anyone else i tried

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