Hi cap dr strange + noise from the left speaker

I received Hi Cap dr 2018, according to the seller everything is good with it, functions without flaws
I connected it to my SN3
I listened for an hour and everything sounded good with no problem
then I turned down completely the volume and left the house, after 5-6 hours my son called me and said that there was a strange sound from the left speakers (a new thing for me) he described it like little bursts/booms. any one experienced that before and can advise

ilan v.

Well, the feed is single rail so it seems odd that any disruption to the DC in on the SN3 from the HC would result in that on the left speaker only.

I would suggest first confirming it isn’t a problem with the SN3. Remove the HC and put the link plug back in and see if the problem returns. If it doesn’t connect the HC again and pay attention to whether the SNAIC looks to have been damaged in some way and that it is an official Naim SNAIC and not an aftermarket unsupported clone.

thanks for reply
i have the sn3 for two years no problem with it
the cables are original naim

The SN3 preamp stage gets two 24v rails when fed from the Hicap so it’s either an issue with one of the DR regulator modules in the Hicap or with the SNAIC5 or 4.

Given that it was all working to start with and the issue was noted a few hours later (and if @Vaksil can confirm that the SN3 works normally again with the link plug in place), i’d say that the Hicap needs attention rather than cables.

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