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I just bought a power supply on ebay, I’m going to connect it to Supernait 1, is there any practical way to check if it works properly?
Should I take it to an authorized service center for inspection? After plugging it in, it works, but I haven’t tried connecting it to the amplifier yet.
Is it possible to check when it was manufactured by the serial number?

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Please follow the guidelines on connectivity to your SN or you will blow your system! Remember the SN1 still needs its main power supply as well. Connect it to the same power strip as your SN and other devices to keep grounding symmetry. The rest I will leave to the moderators to answer. It makes a huge difference if you have a good DAC, Speakers and Source device. The SS depth and DR of the music changes for the better by a lot in my experience with the SN1.


If it’s not working, when you connect it, you’ll get no sound. When connecting, make sure everything is powered down and be 100% sure that everything is connected securely before powering back up. Power-up the HC first. Then the SN. Your SN1 will automatically mute on power-up to protect the speakers, but intermittent connections can still damage things.

(Pro-tip. Take the blanking plug, place it in a small plastic bag and tape it to the power cable so you don’t lose it.)


Connect as per the manual. You’ll need a SNAIC 4 & 5. A SNAIC 5 should come with the Hicap if complete.

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If I make the connections according to the instructions, using the original Snaic 4 and 5 interconnects, and turn on the power in the right order, if there is no sound, does it mean that there is no adequate power supply in the output sockets?
Is it possible to find out when it was manufactured by serial number 332352?

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2012 according to the Naim Serial Number list.

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It will mean you have a have either not connected it correctly - or there is a poor connection somewhere.


If you’re getting no sound, one think to check is that you have muted the Record-out (bottom) row.

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If it is like my FCXS, there should be a rated DC voltage and current rating. I can see no reason why the connecter terminals are available to check the voltage with a multimeter on the DC Voltage selection. DO NOT CHECK ON DC mA, as you will create a short circuit and blow the power supply fuse.

However I would only recommend this if you know what you are doing and know how to use a multimeter. Preferably a digital type. Analog multimeters will be too confusing for the beginner.

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Mitch in Oz.


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