Hi - Cap to BiAmp - safe?

Would it be safe to connect a Hicap to two different amps - which are then used to power two different set of speakers?

So 282 → Hicap → [Nap 250, Nap100].
Nap 250 will power speaker Set A, and Nap100 to power speaker Set B.

And - I’ll mostly only have one amp on at any given point in time.

I’ve got the NDX2/282/250DR in the study. Also want to use the same stack - but to power a set of desktop speakers - sitting on my desktop for meetings.
I could use a different Dac for this - a chord dac I have sitting around.

Also - what is the Aux output on the Hicap for?

I run a NAC 202 into Hicap NAP200 and NAP 155xs for two sets of speakers. One set in the lounge and the other in the dining room. Gives us music throughout the house.

and I’m guessing you have the amps turned on/off separately too?

No both on at the same time with no issues.

can you turn one amp off - or do you always have to have both on?

It depends what room I’m in, turn one off or the other or both on. Been like this for about three years with no problems.

No problem at all.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but the connection from HC to power amp carries audio signal only doesn’t it? So shouldn’t be a problem I think.
Have an SC but when I had a HC it was this way connected to my NAP300 what is basically 2 mono amps in one enclosure.

If you look at the back, you’ll see socket 4 is the one carrying power +24v for the preamp. The other sockets 1/2/3 are parallel outputs for biamping etc.

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