Hi-Cap2 positioning (and humming)

Presently re-jigging my set-up.
I have a NAC72 and NAP140 side by side, and a Hi-Cap2 sitting on top of the NAP140.

A couple of days ago after re-connecting my Hi-Cap2 it was humming.
As it is in a cabinet I cannot hear it and it is not affecting the audio sound.
Also today it has stopped humming. I have read the excellent thread from March 2019 about humming which is mainly a mains issue.

What is the best position for the Hi-Cap2 and should I separate it physically from the NAP140?.

Can also get hum from the HC if the transformer is loose or failing. Have had both faults in the past.

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This… is bad. Do not ‘stack’ Naim units. Not recommended.

Any intermittent ‘hum’ is very likely Mains related… :thinking:

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Looks like Project 2 is sorting out my “hi-fi cabinet” (it was planned).
I will reposition the Hi-Cap2 to avoid stacking. Thanks for the advice.

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Fully agree with Ian. don’t stack them. Got a photo?

It does sound like an external appliance on your mains may be causing this - or in worst case someone else near your house. If it does it again, turn off all your other circuits and see if you can narrow down the offending appliance.


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